Here is a new sample video using the sites current encoding format.  All newer videos are in the h.264 format with a .mp4 extension.  Soon all videos will also be available for streaming.

Kristi’s Felony Stop part#1


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Below are four sample videos that are regular updates as well as compilations from various shoots.  The first two videos are around 120MB in size and the second two are around 50MB.  The first two videos are HD videos and the second two are standard definition.  As of July 2010 began filming in HD and future updates will be in HD.  Before you Join the site be sure that you can download and view these videos first.  If you have trouble contact me and let me know what the problem is.  You can browse through the site to see every video that you will have access to as a members.  As a members you will get 5 brand new videos and 1 photo set each and every week.  If you have any questions contact me at

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Sample#1 – Tara’s First Arrest part#1


Sample#2 – Working on the Chain gang part#2


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