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Hi, I'm adding a hogcuff update right now and then later yesterdays and today's updates will post. I had to wait until I got the power supply fixed on my old computer to get some of the raw footage off to edit. I moved some more footage over to the new computer today and I'm shooting Rachel right now so I'll put that footage on the new computer as well. As soon as I'm done shooting I will get the updates finished. Thanks, Tony

This weeks updates
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Hi, I'm working on getting this weeks updates up. My computer stopped working, but I have a new computer that I am setting up right now so I will start putting updates up tonight. Thanks, Anthony

Shot new model today
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Just shot a new model today and her first video will post tomorrow. She reminds me a lot of Kristi with her acting and her looks so hopefully you will like her!

I'll continue to add older videos to the new site so all videos will be stream-able. I'm also staring to shoot some new style updates that will be added from time to time. The new hogcuffed clips will count as one of the five updates for the week, but older ones that are added will not count as a new update.

I'll also be opening a new website soon that will be a pay-per-clip store that will have all of the clips so if you don't like memberships you will be able only pay for the clips you want and not only download, but stream to all devices as well.

Thanks, Tony

Welcome to new site
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Hi, The new site is finally open. I will continue to add older videos to the site, but you can still access all older videos at or clicking on the archive link in the navigation bar. You can find all the clips using the search bar or the 'my sites' link in the navigation bar. I've tested streaming on android and apple devices and they have all worked for me. If you have any issues just let me know. Comments are open again and only members can leave comments so this will cut back on the spam problem with the old site. If you find any problem with the new site just let me know. It might take awhile to get use to as it is th first big change to in 5 years, but I wanted to make sure had mobile streaming and stayed up to date with technology. Thanks, Tony

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